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Traditional Ukrainian cuisine. The most interesting places in Kyiv

Tuesday, 08 May 2018 11:16

The food is a must be in your list of what to explore when you come to Ukraine. We’ve tried to make a review of gastronomic places where we recommend you to go today to explore usual and unusual traditions of Ukrainian cuisine.

You may find variety of list and ratings of the most popular modern cafes and restaurants in Kyiv on other sources. However, we try to emphasize on traditional food, even though the place may be not new or even be found in few years ago rates.

Puzata Khata (Пузата хата). Keeps positions in ratings for many years already. Filling at the price. The chain of places that offers good prices, delicious food, big choice of traditional dishes. One of the best options to have a budget meal if you are not looking for a luxurious or cozy restaurant.

Where: all around Kyiv (and some other cities) https://goo.gl/7GzfDY

Zdoroven’ki Buly (Здоровенькі були). Simple Ukrainian cuisine, but interesting interior design that combines cultures of Ukraine and other countries. Just be attentive :)

Where: Liuteranska str., 3 (near Khreschatyk metro st.)

The Varenik. Huge choice of extremely delicious dumplings (varenyky or pyrohy) with various fillings on a democratic price. You may pick even one of each type, since you will pay for the total weight.

Where: Shopping Mall Lavina and Shopping Mall Guliver (5th floor, from the elevator go straight to the end)

Kanapa (Канапа). The luxurious restaurant in rich Ukrainian style with combination of Ukrainian and molecular cuisine.

Where: Andriivskyi descend, 19

Ostannia [=the Last] Barricade (Остання барикада). “Secret reastaurant” under Liadski gates. To get inside to have to find a password in a QR-code or to guess it from hints you will hear near the entrance, and say it there. Totally Ukrainian space with Ukrainian cuisine in different modern interpretations, from local ingredients, drinks produced only in Ukraine, accompanied with modern Ukrainian music. Very often at nights you can catch there performances of our local artists.

Where: Independence sq. under Liadski gates

Chicken Kyiv. Interesting and luxurious city restaurant that offer different modifications of chicken dishes, including famous Kyiv chicken, of course, and other delicious meals of modern cuisine.

Where: Khreschatyk str., 15/4

Musafir (Мусафір). Crimean-Tatar cuisine. Unique atmosphere created by refugees from Crimea (actually, the restaurant has moved from Bakhchysarai after Crimea was occupied by Russia).

Where: Saksahanskoho str. 57A; Khmelnytskoho str. 3.

Kiflyk (Кіфлик). Ethno-café of Transcarpathian cuisine.

Where: Kriposnyi Lane 6

Varenychna “Katiusha” (Варенична «Катюша»). Of course, modern Ukraine keeps soviet style only in memory as a part of history, but if you are still looking for such an atmosphere, this chain of cafes offers you to explore soviet Ukrainian food and spirit. By the way, in the menu they emphasize on various dumplings.

Where: all around the city https://goo.gl/YuPcXA

Lvivski Pliatsky [=pies and cakes] (Львівські пляцки). The chain of bakeries that came to Kyiv from Western Ukraine, Lviv, offers you delicious savory and sweet pies.

Where: all around the city https://goo.gl/LEBGB8

Stay in touch, since the gastronomy in Kyiv experience transformations together with society, so maybe tomorrow we will find some new recommendations for you :)


Where and what to eat in Kyiv (most interesting places)

Tuesday, 31 July 2012 23:00

When you visit any city as a tourist for a few days, you always want to find a special place where you can eat interestingly or just relax with friends in a very special atmosphere. If it is a restaurant, it should have national or local cuisine with dishes that are famous in the region. If it is a pub - it should be with the local beer, or with some special snacks. And if you are in very touristic destination (e.g. Venice), the main goal would be to find restaurant "for local people". In such places there are not many tourists but there are numerous legends about the chef who cooks meals for locals only from special products that are often much tastier than the touristic ones.

Like any other metropolis Kyiv absorbed hundreds of restaurants, pizzerias, cafes and bar. In this variety it is not always easy to find the right unique place. The following list describes Top-10+1 places, which, in our humble opinion, are worth visiting during stay in Kyiv. The main reasons for being included to this list are a) delicious food, b) beautiful interior, c) unusual feature, e) special atmosphere. This list is based on both personal experience of people who live here, and feedback of guests who visited Kyiv.

Top-10+1 includes restaurants, cafes, bars and even fast foods, that are sorted in a random way.

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