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Kyiv Tasty Tours - Where and what to eat in Kyiv (most interesting places)

Where and what to eat in Kyiv (most interesting places)

When you visit any city as a tourist for a few days, you always want to find a special place where you can eat interestingly or just relax with friends in a very special atmosphere. If it is a restaurant, it should have national or local cuisine with dishes that are famous in the region. If it is a pub - it should be with the local beer, or with some special snacks. And if you are in very touristic destination (e.g. Venice), the main goal would be to find restaurant "for local people". In such places there are not many tourists but there are numerous legends about the chef who cooks meals for locals only from special products that are often much tastier than the touristic ones.

Like any other metropolis Kyiv absorbed hundreds of restaurants, pizzerias, cafes and bar. In this variety it is not always easy to find the right unique place. The following list describes Top-10+1 places, which, in our humble opinion, are worth visiting during stay in Kyiv. The main reasons for being included to this list are a) delicious food, b) beautiful interior, c) unusual feature, e) special atmosphere. This list is based on both personal experience of people who live here, and feedback of guests who visited Kyiv.

Top-10+1 includes restaurants, cafes, bars and even fast foods, that are sorted in a random way.

The Kult Ra

It is relatively a new place that has already earned good reputation in Kyiv. Owners position it as a club similar to a mix of restaurant and tearoom. Music concerts with the national emphasis are often played here; on the weekends there are lots of master classes. “The Kult Ra” even has a bookstore, where it is possible to have something to eat as well. The main feature of this establishment is its old Rus style. If you do not want to delve too much into the history, Rus was a state, the ancestor of modern Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. People who lived in those times were pagans. That is why everything is special here: pottery, linen clothes for waiters and even elements of swastikas on the walls (Slavic people worshiped to it as symbol of the Sun in those days). The menu is also consistent with the whole concept: cereal, banush, dumplings with meat of wild boar and even biscuits with hemp. Actually “The Kult Ra is quite extra ordinary place.

Type: Restaurant, Club
Cuisine: Rus' (Slavonic)
Price range: democratic (from 25 euro per person)

Kyiv perepichka

"Kyiv perepichka" is a small kiosk in the city center, on the corner of Khreshchatyk and Bohdan Khmelnytsky street. For a few decades it gathers daily queues to buy baked fried sausage - type of Ukrainian hot dog. This is probably the only fast food in Kyiv, which remained from the Soviet era. It is difficult to say what its secret is: perhaps the taste of sausage or the fact that it is sold hot, or very attractive price (about 50 cents) for Ukrainian hot dog. In general, it is worth trying for every visitor of Kyiv.

Type: Fast Food
Cuisine: national fast food
Price range: very democratic (50 cents)

Club "Petrovich"

One more club in our list. This one is difficult to get in as you need a club card for entrance, but if you call in advance and ask ... you might have a chance to visit the place. Club "Petrovich" is full of nostalgia for all good things that were in the Soviet Union. Old furniture, posters, busts of the leaders and of course Soviet cuisine. Probably it would be difficult to understand the menu here (like salad "do not talk," or hot dish "optimistic tragedy"). But you will enjoy the whole concept for sure! So if you missed the USSR, or you have never been there, you should definitely attend this place.

Type: Restaurant, Club
Cuisine: The Soviet
Price range: democratic (from 20 euro per person)

Restaurant "Concord"

An excellent classic restaurant in the city center: Italian chef, exclusive interior, beautiful wrought furniture, excellent wine list. Its cuisine is in fusion style and presents delicious dishes with a touch of Chef’s imagination. The main attraction of the restaurant is its terrace with a fantastic view on Kyiv - the restaurant is located on the top floor of a business center with panoramic scenery on the historic city center.

Type: Restaurant
Cuisine: Fusion
Price range: above average (from 70 euro per person)

Lviv chocolate factory

Lviv (western part of Ukraine) is famous for its beer, coffee and chocolate, which in the XIX century was exported throughout Europe. Now the chain of "Lviv chocolate factory" is becoming more and more popular. Kyivans love this place because it is possible to find fresh chocolate, candies and truffles here. This place has only one minus - noise inside. The cafeteria and chocolate shop are placed in the same room, but you forget about it as soon as local sweets are served. Lviv chocolate factory is a great place for dessert.

Type: Cafe
Cuisine: Sweets
Price range: democratic (7 euro per person)

Puzata khata

One more fast food restaurant in our list. Fast-food chain "Puzata khata" is the main competitor of McDonald's in Ukraine - the U.S. fast food giant according to General Manager of McDonald's. The reason for this is very simple: traditional national cuisine for very reasonable price. Ukrainians and foreigners like this place very much. All dishes are always fresh and appetizing here.

Type: Fast Food
Cuisine: Ukrainian
Price range: very democratic (from 5 euro per person)

Restaurant "Shynok"

For those who would like to get acquainted with high-quality Ukrainian cuisine, Shynok is the perfect place. Although you may find a lot of similar restaurants in Kyiv, this place is one of the best. Here are the most delicious dishes which are key components of Ukrainian cuisine (grilled sausage, borsch, all kinds of Ukrainian dumplings). The place is designed in style of Ukrainian village of XIX century. At the entrance you will meet hostess in traditional national dress who will offer you a shot of tasty liquor. Shynok is a very picturesque restaurant.

Type: Restaurant
Cuisine: Ukrainian
Price range: average (from 45 euro per person)

Pyvna duma (Beer City Council)

This place positions itself as a restaurant with a brewery. There are a lot of similar establishments in the city, but the main feature of this one is its delicious beer. It is brewed on first floor of the same buildling. On weekend visitors may even join excursions to the brewery. In total there are four kinds of beer - 3 standard ones and one seasonally brewed for holidays (Ale, Munich, Stout). The menu is also focused on beer and snacks, so men would enjoy it more than women. Minus of this place is its location, which is a bit far from the city center. But if you want to try really good beer in Kyiv you should definitely come here.

Type: Pub, a restaurant with a brewery
Cuisine: European
Price range: average (from 20 euros per person)

Art Club 44

This place is perfect for Friday or Saturday evenings because of its atmosphere - it is always calm and friendly, but at the same time is quite vivid. It is located in the heart of the city. The main attraction of Art Club 44 is regular live music concerts. People who come here are very different, but their passion to music gathers them in Art Club 44. This place has a fairly good menu with more than 15 sorts of beer that improves positive impression even more.

Type: Pub
Cuisine: European
Price range: average (from 25 euros per person)

Route 66

One more ideological place in our list. This is a favorite meeting pub for all bikers and other motorcycle enthusiasts. Everything has been done in the best traditions of such pubs - a large bar with high wooden chairs, special music and menu. Fairly simple, but tasty food. If you get tired of the standard and ordinary bars, you are welcome to come here.

Type: Pub
Cuisine: European
Price range: average (from 20 euro per person)

Palata №6 (Ward №6)

One more authentic bar in the list. When you come here it feels like in the hospital, especially after you taste all kinds of absinthe, which are offered here. Everything around reminds about physicians and create a feeling of their presence - waiters in medical robes, vodka in measuring glasses, nurses instead of barmen and noise-absorbing wall. Ward №6 has standard cuisine for very reasonable price. It has only one minus (but it is meant to be a plus), although the place is located in the center it is quite difficult to find.

Type: Bar
Cuisine: European
Price range: average (from 20 euros per person)


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