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Kyiv Tasty Tours - 8 best dishes in Crimea

8 best dishes in Crimea

Perhaps, it is difficult to imagine any other ethnic cuisine, combining so much traditions and features of different cultures.

Crime is a home to over 80 nationalities: Ukrainians, Tatars, Russians, Armenians, Jews, Greeks, Karaites and many others. Every nation has settled down to the Crimean cuisine its special dishes. Nearby countries had significant impact as well. Thus, Turkey complemented it with oriental sweets and Bulgaria with traditional dishes like stuffed bell peppers, known in Ukraine as Bulgarian pepper.
Crimean Tatar cuisine is very popular in Crimea. Many restaurants offer hearty meat dishes, mainly lamb or beef, as well as a wide variety of pastries. Most prominent meat dishes are lagman, pilaf and sarma. Crimean Tatars brought these dishes to peninsula in 1980s from Uzbekistan in 1980s, where they had been deported in 1944.

1. Lagman - nourishing dish like soup, but thicker. Prepared of meat (mostly lamb), special long noodles and vegetables (eggplant, pepper, radish, potato, onion, carrot), and of course adding spices and different herbs.

2. Pilaf (plov) - one of the favorite dishes in Crimea. In each region, it is cooked in its own way, but, nevertheless, the basis remains the same: meat, rice, onion, carrot and spices. In whatever way it may have been prepared - it's always insanely delicious.

3. Sarma - meat in grape leaves. Sarma (aka Dolma) – is similar to holubtsi, but instead of wrapping into cabbage leaves as it is common in other parts of Ukraine, grape leaves are used. Unusual combination of meat and grape leaves, slightly sour, will satisfy any gourmet.

4. Kubete - juicy pie with meat, potatoes and onions is definitely worth mentioning. Other toppings for kubete are: rice and chicken, rice and meat, cheese and potatoes. People in Crimea love to bake cakes, pies and many other pastries.

5. Cheburek Chir-chir - fried turnover with a filling of ground or minced meat and onions, typical for Karaim cuisine (Crimean Karaite Jews). It is also said that the real Crimean Chir-chir is never crunchy, and literally melts in the mouth.

6. Samsa - Crimean kind of cake of unleavened dough stuffed with ground meat, onion and spices, which has Uzbek origion. The shape can be round or triangular. Samsa is baked in oven being sticked to the walls.

7. Oriental sweets are most traditional for Crimea. Baklava, favorite delicacy of the Crimean coast, is a sweet in diamond-shape cake of laminated dough with honey and nuts. The taste is soft, crumbly and very sweet.

8. Sheker Kyiyk – is the same Turkish baklava, only topped with sugar syrup.


Source: http://discoverukraine.ua/

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