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Our team

Dear Friend!

We are a team of open-minded Ukrainians who enjoy local cuisine. We run Tasty Kyiv for 5 years now and met more than 700 people during these years. We enjoy discovering Ukrainian cuisine with our guests as every new person brings new touch to the traditional meals.


We really want our guests to feel, taste and see Kyiv through the eyes of the local person. We travel ourselves a lot and we know how difficult it is sometimes to find really unique place to eat in a new city!


Ukraine and Kyiv have own old gastronomic traditions. Many people know about our borsch, Chicken Kyiv, varenyky or Kyiv cake.


We will be happy to introduce you to gastronomic traditions of Kyiv during our "delicious" tour or class. Our dream is to impress you with our diverse and rich Ukrainian cuisine!


Bon appétit to you! = [Smachnoho!]


Kyiv Tasty Team



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